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Black 4th

Black Belt – 4th Dan Patterns


Comprised of 49 movements.

Meaning: Is named after the famous general during the Koguryo Dynasty, Yon Gae Somun. The 49 movements refer to the last two figures of 649 A.D., the year he forced the Dang Dynasty to quit Korea after destroying nearly 300,000 Chinese troops at Ansi Sung.

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Comprised of 42 movements.

Meaning: Is named after general Ul-Ji Mun Duk who successfully defended Korea against a Chinese invasion force of nearly one million soldiers led by Yang Je in 612 A.D. Ul-Ji employing hit and run guerilla tactics, was able to decimate a large percentage of the force. The diagram represents his surname. The 42 movements represents the author’s age when he designed the pattern.

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Comprised of x movements.


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