Sealed Air Classes
8501 Campus Drive
The Y 262-634-1994
Mr. White 262-498-2912
Monday and Wednesday
6:00 to 7:15 pm.
7:15 to 8:30 pm.

High Green

YOL-GUK – High Green to Brown Belt

Comprised of 38 movements.

Meaning: Is the pseudonym of the great  philosopher and scholar YI I,  nicknamed the “Confucius of Korea”.  The 38 movements refer to his birthplace on the 38th latitude.

Downloadable Pages: Movements 1-18 Movements 19-38 Video

  • Must be able to do all of the lower belt requirements.
  • Yol-Guk
  • Name – Meaning – Number of movements
Kicks (Changi):
  • Running Jump Front Kick
  • Running  Jump Side Kick
  • Slow Motion Kicks: Front, Side, Round House, Ax and Crescent
Holding Techniques:
8 Holding Techniques
  • One Step 3 Advanced Techniques ( 2 take downs)
  • One and Three Step
  • Free Fighting
Board Breaking:
  • One or More Boards using hand or foot techniques
  • Left – Wen
  • Right – Oran
  • Correctly Open and Close Class
  • Proper greetings for coming into and leaving the classroom