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Monday and Wednesday
6:00 to 7:15 pm.
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High Red

CHOONG-MOO – High Red to Black Belt

Comprised of 30 movements.

Meaning: Was the name given to the great Admiral Yi Sun-Sin. He invented the first armored battleship in 1592 A.D., which was the predecessor to the present day submarine. The reason for this pattern ending in a left-hand movement represents his regrettable death in service to his King.

Downloadable Pages: Movements 1-30 Video

Choong Moo

  • Must be able to do all of the lower belt requirements.
  • Choong-Moo
  • Name – Meaning – Number of movements
Kicks, Strikes, Blocks:
  • Any advanced combinations
  • One and Three Step using creative advanced techniques
  • Free Fighting (one or more opponents)
Board Breaking:
  • Multiple board breaking using hand or foot techniques.