Sealed Air Classes
8501 Campus Drive
The Y 262-634-1994
Mr. White 262-498-2912
Monday and Wednesday
6:00 to 7:15 pm.
7:15 to 8:30 pm.

Holding Techniques

  1. White: One hand grab-same side; Step forward (WS) – turn palm up – step forward – push off shoulder – walk pass
  2. White: One hand grab- same side; Opp. foot,step back into L st. – twist out hand – back fist attack
  3. Gold: Two hand grab ( one each wrist); Swing across with the right, pull off arm, left hand punch attack
  4. Gold: Two hand grab (same arm); Step forward (WS),turn palm up, reach over, grab fist, step back L st. pull hand out, back fist attack
  5. Purple: Front choke; Reach up, outside and over, grab both hands- pull hands off – step back – knee attack
  6. High Purple: Shoulder grab from the back; Arm goes up, step back, reach back and around, step in, push shoulder down
  7. Green: Front Choke: Tuck head under and around arm, one hand goes up the middle , one on the outside – step across body, push into arm bar lock
  8. High Green: Cross hand grab; Left hand on top – wave “Hello”, close fingers on arm step back , push down  -elbow to elbow
  9. Brown: Cross hand grab; snap hand down, bring it up wave “Hello”, grab arm and hold, step around – front on back- choke hold and arm bar
  10. High Brown: Same side grab; Step in, grab hand(Thumb on top) step under and through, arm bar or different attack